Data available from MarineFIND

Working closely with our data suppliers we are able to offer the following datasets. Current data suppliers include OceanWise, EOMAP and BGS.

Raster Charts

Raster Charts comprises the well-known nautical chart series from the most common nautical chart series available for commercial use. Supplied as geo-referenced image files for easy loading and use in GIS. This is a low cost and popular nautical chart base map.

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Marine Themes (Vector)

Marine Themes comprises authoritative data from the UK and other best available sources, engineered into logical data layers for easy loading and efficient use in GIS. This makes for comprehensive, flexible and intelligent marine mapping at an attractive price.

Optical Satellite Derived Bathymetry

Optical Satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB) is the mapping of water column depth using imagery collected from space-borne satellites. Since this imagery is typically densely packed with information in every pixel, SDB effectively provides a continuous 3D model of seafloor topography. For those familiar with geospatial information products, this is the equivalent to an underwater digital elevation model (DEM).

BGS Geology: Marine Bedrock 250k

Marine Bedrock 250k (DiGRock250k) is a digital geological map showing the distribution of bedrock types in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) area. Representing the natural continuation of the onshore bedrock geology into the offshore. The bedrock geology below the sea-bed is of importance to a range of groups, including marine habitat mappers, marine spatial planners, the offshore construction and development sector, and the dredging and aggregate industries.

BGS Geology: Marine Sediments 250k

Marine Sediments 250k (DiGSBS250k) is a digital geological map showing the distribution of Sediments types in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) area.

Raster Charts XL

Raster Charts XL are derived from raster-based material obtained under licence from the UK, and other, Hydrographic Offices where land and other non-marine features have been removed. This provides familiarity for users who work with nautical charts and has the advantage of being able to combine it with any land mapping, or aerial imagery, of your choice. Raster Charts XL coverage is available depending on permissions granted by contributing nations worldwide.

Marine Themes DEM

Marine Themes Digital Elevation Model (DEM) comprises a gridded (raster) dataset of seabed elevation relative to a specified datum. The surface has been created from hydrographic survey and chart derived data depending on the data available for a particular area and has a resolution of 1 and 6 arc seconds, which is approximately 30 and 180 m, respectively. The 1 arc second DEM is provided as individually named half degree tiles and the 6 arc second as individually named two degree tiles. Depending on the resolution of input data the 1 arc second DEM is not available for all areas. Data can be supplied in a variety of digital formats.

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